Macadam Piano

A musical, visual and poetic stroll through the streets, squares, alleys and terraces. Macadam piano, a real rolling pianist *, light and modular

* The motor is environmentally friendly and silent

Macadam Piano is, above all, poetry. Poetry on wheels. It is a visual and musical performance, moving from streets to market squares, alleyways, parks, cities, villages, festivals, riversides and fields...

He plays, he moves forward, he moves back and ... he waltzes. Amazing, fun and elegant, the motor pianist improvises along the streets, encounters and smiles for the pleasure of the grown-ups and the little ones. Mozart, Django, Trénet, Schubert, Kurt Weil ... The motor pianist, the camelot of Vienna, the second-hand dealer of London, the bateleur of Paris, he is there ... he wanders in your city, your park , your meadow ...

Macadam Piano is a real pianist on wheels, light, flexible, and magical.

" Macadam piano, it’s first of all an emotion "
" a big smile for the heart, what an uplifting feeling"
" Macadam piano, just like the name indicates"
"A pianist in a grand outfit and his grand rolling piano"
" a genius invention! "