• The prices are fixed for 3 performances of 30 minutes for the Piano solo; 3 performances of 40 minutes for "the meeting" of violin and piano and 1 perfomance of 60 minutes for Sweet Beethoven
  • The fee is calculated on a decreasing sliding scale as from two consecutive days
  • It is possible to organize extra performances on the same day for an extra fee.
  • We will send you quote on request
  • Please note that royalties (SACD) are to be added
  • The contacts are drawn up by the Compagnie Pomme D’Or, the producer.


Version piano solo: 2 persons (The Pianist and Stage Manager)

Version piano + violon: 3 persons (The Pianist, the Violinist, and Stage Manager)

Transport by road for a distance less than 1000 km

For road transport within Europe, we charge 0,70 euro per km per kilometer departing from Angers, France.

Air transport

  • 2 tickets for the solo version
  • 3 air tickets for the duo version
  • The piano is packed in a single box and sent separately in a cargo plane