What they said......

  • The Press

  • "A motorized pianist playing Satie in white gloves, followed by kids like the flute player of Hamelin" (le Monde)

    "Macadam piano is first of all an emotion ...", "a grand piano and a merry-go-round, ... that could have come out of a poem by Prévert or a novel by Boris Vian ... not to imitating at the wheel of an automobile" (Presse Océan),

    "Pure moment of poetry ..." (Presse océan),

    "THE GREAT JOURNEY OF MACADAM PIANO: it's a sentence of Alessandro Baricco's Novecento that triggered this unbelievable story - go to unlock the brakes, we'll do a piano trick - ... now in turn, leave on the roads with his companion with 4 wheels, a single score in front: the melody of happiness" (Ouest France)

    When "passing a piano, crossing a piano" are real images, such as "pursuing or doubling a piano" ... but the spectators will not risk the piano accident...
    It pianoforti mobili incantato... (La Repubblica)

  • "... at a frenzied rhythm, at the limits of the metronome overflowing, yesterday he unrolled a" bei mir bis du schön "concrete. Today, he will probably have trouble playing "you who pass without seeing me ..."(le journal de Saône et Loire).

    "It is a barefoot tale .. seems straight out of a picture of Magritte. One moment the time is suspended ... on its way, the people intercepted ... the reactions are sometimes surreal... " (Ouest France)

    "A mobile piano driven by a professor Nimbus virtuoso musician ..." (Ouest France)

    "Unusual and very musical because JL Cortès is certainly a pianist with motor, but also talent. He puts his head in the stars, a delight that surprises at the corner of a street" ( La Presse de la Manche)

    "... in the midst of a whirlwind of notes flying into the air of another time. Nostalgia assured ... the virtuoso rolled on the pavements with his stringed instrument and motor, twirling among the idle onlookers ... " (Dauphiné Libéré)

    "In a habit with a tail on the keyboard of his piano, the concertist rolls in the middle of the circulation, stopping quite obviously at the red light ..." (le Messager éd Genevois)

  • The Spectators

  • "All magic"

    "Poetry in motion"

    "A nod to Magritte at dusk"

    "Have you read Novecento: pianist? "

    "If we walk behind this piano, we no longer see the city in the same way"

    "He shines, this gentleman"

    "This is the first time I read the name of someone on his back"

    "It's Charlie Poppins!"

  • The Redundant

  • Six thousand times: "It's great, I love it"

    Five thousand times: "I've never seen anything like it"

    Four Thousand Times: "You have see that? He steers and he plays at the same time"

    Three thousand times: "He plays in gloves and he is barefoot"

    Two thousand times: "It's not pre-recorded, you can see he really plays

    A thousand times: (on the phone) "liten to that, you hear? there's a piano going past ...

    Five hundred times: That's a good idea

    A hundred times: I want the same

"like wandering poetry"

"it’s Charlie Poppins!"

“entirely magical"